Welfare & Development Organization For Afghan People

Welfare and Development Organization for Afghan People (WDOAP) is a non-political, non- profit, non-sectarian organization, mandated to assist and support vulnerable Afghan people, help them meet their basic needs by extending welfare services particularly to the most marginalized part of the society.

WDOAP registered with the Ministry of Economy with license number of 3597. The prime motto of WDOAP is the provision of welfare and development services delivery to the deprived and marginalized people of Afghanistan. Furthermore, The WDOAP delivers welfare development assistances and services to the prolonged four decades of human catastrophe in Afghanistan. The recent upheavals in terms of political chaos and drought have significantly pushed the entire Afghan community below the poverty line and desperately need emergency assistance.

Geographical Coverage

WDOAP’s presence and geographic coverage includes Kabul, Nangarhar, Laghman, Kunar and Nuristan, and some other central provinces of Afghanistan. Markedly, the organization has the potential of working in remote geographical areas. Leveraging this unique characteristic WDOAP programs were implemented covering the ultra-poor and vulnerable in the hardest rural eastern part of the country. The local presence of WDOAP has been the key for successful programs implementation reaching out locally at real time having potential resources.


WDOAP has National (Afghan) and International (Non-Afghan) expertise in the team with over 15 years of relevant practical experience. WDOAP programs are guided by this expertise having national and international recognition of exercising humanitarian and development programs. At the same time, these qualified, experienced and devoted professionals successfully managed the organization reaching the set goals and target objectives.


Is working to achieve interventions of HumanitarianAssistance and Emergency Response

Our Vision

WDOAP envision a peaceful, happy & healthy, socially and economically self-reliant Afghanistan where everyone recognizes and enjoys their basic rights, where there is no hunger and poverty and everyone enjoys freedom of choice, where healthy life expectancy is high, and where everyone has equal access to social support resources and where there is no corruption, discrimination and violence.

Our Mission

WDOAP is working for a peaceful and socially & economically developed Afghanistan through economical and efficient resources utilization in its different interventions of Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Response, WASH, Health, Nutrition & Hygiene, Education, Livelihood, Community Development, Women Empowerment, Disability Support with participation and partnership of community, national and international donors, UN, governmental institutions and private sectors with focus on vulnerable and marginalized community & individuals, children and women .

Our Goals

The goal of WDOAP is to contribute in improving the living standard of the vulnerable communities of Afghanistan through extending welfare and developmental assistance capacity building resilience support - & empowerment of community vulnerable at the grass root level.


A sustainable strategy is devised to achieve the maximum, a need based and right based approach initiated ascertains the problem with fully community involvement and mobilizing all indigenous and local resources. The program goals are materialized with a helping hand from members’ donor agencies, Philanthropists.


Is working to achieve interventions of Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Response, WASH, Health, Nutrition & Hygiene, Education, Livelihood, Community Development, Women Empowerment, Disability Support

Head Office

Pashtunistan Square, Haji Gull Plaza, Jalalabad city, Nangarhar, Afghanistan

Sub Office

Parwn 2 Square, Near to Kardan University, Kabul, Afghanistan

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